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    DMIR Research Group

    Dipl.-Math. Lena Hettinger (geb. Schwemmlein)

    Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
    Institut für Informatik
    Arbeitsgruppe Data Mining und Information Retrieval am Lehrstuhl VI
    Am Hubland
    D-97074 Würzburg

    Zi. B109
    Tel.:      (+49 931)  31 - 89675
    Fax:      (+49 931)  31 - 86732

    Research interests

    Machine Learning
    Text Mining
    Natural Language Processing
    Digital Humanities


    Kallimachos: Center for digital edition and quantitative analysis at the University Library of Würzburg.


    I have been part of the DMIR Research Group since I received my diploma degree in Mathematics in 2012 at the University of Würzburg. In the beginning I was mainly teaching and since 2015 I have been part of Kallimachos. I was on maternal leave from April 2016 to October 2017.



    • zehe_happyending_features.pdf
      Jannidis, F., Reger, I., Zehe, A., Becker, M., Hettinger, L., Hotho, A. (2016) “Analyzing Features for the Detection of Happy Endings in German Novels”, available:
    • zehe_happy_ending.pdf
      Zehe, A., Becker, M., Hettinger, L., Hotho, A., Reger, I., Jannidis, F. (2016) “Prediction of Happy Endings in German Novels”, in Cellier, P., Charnois, T., Hotho, A., Matwin, S., Moens, M.-F. and Toussaint, Y., eds., Proceedings Of The Workshop On Interactions Between Data Mining And Natural Language Processing 2016, 9-16, available:
    • dh16_GenreClassification_Krakow2015.pdf
      Hettinger, L., Jannidis, F., Reger, I., Hotho, A. (2016) “Significance Testing for the Classification of Literary Subgenres”, in Dh 2016.
    • dhd16_Classification_of_Literary_Subgenres.pdf
      Hettinger, L., Jannidis, F., Reger, I., Hotho, A. (2016) “Classification of Literary Subgenres”, in Dhd 2016.


    • 15TIR_Hettinger_Genre.pdf
      Hettinger, L., Becker, M., Reger, I., Jannidis, F., Hotho, A. (2015) “Genre classification on German novels”, in Proceedings Of The 12Th International Workshop On Text-Based Information Retrieval, available:
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