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    Towards Sentiment Analysis on German Literature

    Zehe, Albin; Becker, Martin; Jannidis, Fotis; Hotho, Andreas in KI 2017: Advances in Artificial Intelligence Kern-Isberner, Gabriele; Fürnkranz, Johannes; Thimm, Matthias ( Eds. ), page 387--394 . Cham , Springer International Publishing , 2017 .

    Sentiment Analysis is a Natural Language Processing-task that is relevant in a number of contexts, including the analysis of literature. We report on ongoing research towards enabling, for the first time, sentence-level Sentiment Analysis in the domain of German novels. We create a labelled dataset from sentences extracted from German novels and, by adapting existing sentiment classifiers, reach promising F1-scores of 0.67 for binary polarity classification.
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    Editor(s) Kern-Isberner, Gabriele; Fürnkranz, Johannes; Thimm, Matthias
    Tags 2017  analysis  dh  myown  sentiment