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Data Mining (summer term 2017)


  • Machine Learning meets Data-Driven Journalism: Boosting International Understanding and Transparency in News Coverage. Erdmann, Elena; Boczek, Karin; Koppers, Lars; von Nordheim, Gerret; Pölitz, Christian; Molina, Alejandro; Morik, Katharina; Müller, Henrik; Rahnenführer, Jörg; Kersting, Kristian in CoRR (2016). abs/1606.05110
  • Supervised Extraction of Usage Patterns in Different Document Representations. Pölitz, Christian (2016). 346--361.
  • Sampling Methods for Random Subspace Domain Adaptation. Pölitz, Christian (2016). 14--25.
  • Topic Models with Sparse and Group-Sparsity Inducing Priors. Pölitz, Christian (2016). 33--40.
  • Interpretable domain adaptation via optimization over the Stiefel manifold. Pölitz, Christian; Duivesteijn, Wouter; Morik, Katharina in Machine Learning (2016). 104(2-3) 315--336.
  • Distance Based Active Learning for Domain Adaptation. Pölitz, Christian (2015). 296--303.
  • Modelling Time and Location in Topic Models. Pölitz, Christian (2015). 95--96.
  • Investigation of Word Senses over Time Using Linguistic Corpora. Pölitz, Christian; Bartz, Thomas; Morik, Katharina; Störrer, Angelika (2015). 191--198.
  • Enhancing the possibilities of corpus-based investigations: Word sense disambiguation on query results of large text corpora. Pölitz, Christian; Bartz, Thomas (2014). 42--46.
  • Kernel Matrix Completion for Learning Nearly Consensus Support Vector Machines. Lee, Sangkyun; Pölitz, Christian (2014). 93--109.
  • Kernel Completion for Learning Consensus Support Vector Machines in Bandwidth-limited Sensor Networks. Lee, Sangkyun; Pölitz, Christian (2014). 113--124.
  • Cross Domain Active Learning. Pölitz, Christian (2013). 98--102.
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  • Learning to rank under tight budget constraints. Pölitz, Christian; Schenkel, Ralf (2011). 1173--1174.
  • A framework for using self-organising maps to analyse spatio-temporal patterns, exemplified by analysis of mobile phone usage. Andrienko, Gennady L.; Andrienko, Natalia V.; Bak, Peter; Bremm, Sebastian; Keim, Daniel A.; von Landesberger, Tatiana; Pölitz, Christian; Schreck, Tobias in J. Location Based Services (2010). 4(3&4) 200--221.
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